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week 10 - the final paper

i spent the last week writing my scholarly paper and lots of revising. i worked on my slides, notes, and soundclips. i still have to fix my paper because i finally made an outline and have reordered my paragraphs. what an intense research experience!

week 9 - interviewing Furse

Furse Interview

interviewed Honorable Elizabeth Furse. forget about my hairdo!

week 8 & 9 - check sources with a furball

interview questions, video interviews, and working on page 15 for the final paper (at least half way done).

started working on my web article and checking my sources, with the help of my furball.

week 8 - interviewed Sampsel

interviewing Mr. Sampsel.

week 7

spent time re-writing the introduction for the tribal portal and cleaning up my writing about the four tribes. spent a lot of time writing interview questions for Elizabeth Furse, Roy Sampsell, Charles Hudson, and Antonio. also talked with Jeff about the lay out of portal and it's content.

week 6

i read treaties from the 4 tribes. i spent time trying to figure out the agreements. i had a hard time with outlines and rough drafts with treaties and the 4 tribes.


A TRIBAL PORTAL WEBSITE was done last summer. I will be building upon the information already provided and include sources.

week 5

this week i met a couple of times with my mentors about my project. they are excited and very encouraging and helpful about my future. opportunities and connections that my mentors suggest are opening alot of doors for me and at the same time giving "tough love". i have been glued to the internet, trying to figure out "salmon". i understand why it is important but not sure how to channel that information to an audience- who don't or kinda understand salmon relation to native americans.

Week 4

This week i was still reading and taking notes. I met with my mentors a couple of times. i was confused about my project so i became "focused". I was doing extra work for the BIG picture and felt relieved that I wasn't the only going crazy about a thesis subject, just part of the process. now that i have a better and clearer idea, i have to go back and think on my ideas and make outlines. i am going to seaside this weekend and i know i won't have time to do work so my new thoughts will have to wait until monday.

Week 3 - reading, reading, and more reading

I have been reading, reading, and reading. i have been reading so much that my eyes are irritated but I'm learning so much (details) about native American history since "contact". and also that the tribes are diverse and complex yet they all have a common goal for environmental issues. the Wednesday class was inspiring, people coming together for a good cause and continuing to make changes. Friday was fun and tiring. it was a nice sunny day and the tour guide was full of information.


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