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week 10

Well it was sad to see all the other interns go this last week. I enjoyed hanging out with all of them, and we had a great time. The final presentations were very interesting. I was surprised by how different the work everyone did was.


week 9

Well this week was pretty good as far as work goes. I was able to wind my electrodes and overcame some minor setbacks with the epoxy. I was able to fix the ones that broke and preserve the winds, which was nice. Hopefully they will last through my testing for these next few weeks.

week 8

Well this week has had both its frustrations and its joys. I did get my sensor to pick up particles magnetically, which is a great proof of principle. Today I am going to try and film the particles as they stick to the surface, which could be pretty cool. I'll try to put it on the blog next week if it works.

week 7

My equipment finally came! All my stuff arrived this week, so I was finally able to start my project in earnest. I cut and drilled the rod early this week, and have been fabricating all my connections. Waiting for epoxy to dry is by far the worst part, but once that is over it's pretty fun. The initial results are not terribly promising, but hopefully its a simple problem. It is always hard to work with things that are really small.


Week 6

week 5

All my research to this point has been fairly scattered in terms of the techniques and methods I have been focusing on. This week I took stock of what I have done, presented my findings to my mentor, and decided where to go from here. Going forward I will primarily be working on creating a combination electromagnet and nanoiron particle sensor, as well as studying the resistivity of nanoiron solutions. I'm really looking forward to the sensor project, as it shows promise and will consist of some pretty neat engineering.

Week 4

This week was my catchup week, as I have been in Honduras for the past 14 days. It was a great trip, but I am glad to come home to the nice wet Oregon weather. Down in Honduras I was doing mission work on a small island in the Caribbean. To my surprise I didn't miss my email or phone too much, but I really like being able to hear the news here and know what is going on in the world.


Week 1

            This week was a lot of setup and review.  I got to meet everyone in the lab, and got my cubicle and computer.  My project this summer is to make a sensor for detecting iron nanoparticles in solution.  This week I looked at past methods that have been tried, and compiled their data and methods.  I also started work on an electrochemical method that shows some promise.

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