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Happily Ever After

Edited presentation
Performed practice talk for Wendy, Rick, and Carolyn. Followed up by more revisions to the presentation.
Edited paper, submitted final draft.

Continued to edit presentation. Adding scale bars, removing old scale bars, correcting fonts, etc. Gave practice presentation again.

Lab meeting

Practice of final presentation in the actual room we will present in. Afterward, began work on 2-page summary of project and lab notebook updates.

Paper, Practice Presentation, Sequence Analysis cont'd

Completed sequence analysis for determination of organism. Beginning analysis of this data

Presentation work, including stereoscope imaging of non-extracted samples

Dentist appointment at 3pm

Finished stereoscope images, added to presentation.

Finished graphing sequence results, added to presentation.

Performed practice final talk

Meeting with Vanessa

Edited presentation

Sequence analysis, Microbial Food Web essay, Poster alterations

Completed alterations to poster and re-submitted to Wendy.

Completed reading / note taking on essay questions. Began brainstorming for various means of organization, finally resolving to follow a pattern similar to the order of questions asked. Certain sections will be answered throughout as opposed to being limited to pre-determined distinctions. This was decided to allow for better continuity throughout the essay


Extraction, Notebook, Poster, Essay, Sequence Analysis

Performed extraction on numerous samples from Marker 34. Exact details located in lab notebook.
Cleaned DNA post-extraction
Saved samples in -20C

Worked on updating my lab notebook including information from Yellowstone, serum bottle preparation, and stereoscope pictures.

Delivered mail as per Wendy

Delivered samples for BET as per Wendy to Jim Nurmi

Began work on poster


Cleaning, Presentation, and Pictures

All of the rock samples from both sites were imaged using the Stereoscope today. The first picture was at the lowest magnification, followed by 1.25, 1.6, and finally 2.0. In each, I tried to find the biofilm and obtain images of that specifically, gradually building toward the highest magnification used.

Yellowstone Trip

We went to Yellowstone for the entire week to collect samples. We collected from two locations, Purple Pool and Queen's Laundry. The primary reason for our visit was to collect from Purple Pool, and we collected from different vents and outflow areas. More specifics to be presented when pictures are available.

RE-ligation + transformation, PCR, SEM Class completion

Ligation in the morning, using the same procedure as before. 10% success rate on the last products was much too low. We are looking for somewhere in the range of 60%. Afterwards we repeated the transformation. 
SEM class 12-1230 in order to visualize mineral products
lab meeting 330-5

Picked colonies from transformant plates (3 different volumes, colonies picked from 100ul because they displayed the highest number of individual colonies).
SEM final visualization class 12:00-12:30

Transformation + microscope work

Out for wedding

High School Intern lunch, lab meeting, SEM class

Re-made LBAmp plates with 2x as much Amp as per Rick. The recipe in the MEDIA folder indicates 2mL of 25ug/ml per 1L of media solution, however it should be 2mL of 50ug/ml per 1L of media solution. For all future plates, recipe has been corrected.
SEM class
Transformation procedure completed for all 1-4. Plates incubated overnight at 37C


DNA purification and PCR

Using a 1% gel run for ~45mins at 110V, only the ladder was visible in imaging afterward. We speculate that this is because the nanodrop concentrations were so low that they cannot be visualized by this method. Therefore, we are using DNA purifcation followed by PCR to amplify the number of DNA products and thus allow them to be visualized to confirm their existence in these samples.
DNA purification:

Orientation and Extraction

On Monday I participated in the orientation for CMOP interns. This was a familiar process, as this is my second summer in the CMOP program. Once again, Dr. Baptista gave a wonderful introductory speech followed by Vanessa providing us with plenty of interesting and useful information.


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