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Visualization of SELFE results can be done in several ways, the most efficient being the ACE tool. However, installing ACE may be a chore.

A viable alternative is to use matlab, assuming you have some working knowledge about it. With some programming you will be able to generate images/animations of high quality like the one shown below.

We have written 2 simple matlab scripts for visualizing horizontal "slabs" (along a fixed Z plane or a S plane), and vertical transects. In the latter case, vertical "samples" (i.e. with x-axis being time) will be rendered if the transect build point input has only 1 point in it.

The scripts are fairly easy to use for beginners (see README inside). They are also well commented and so if you wish to fine tune some aspects you can easily change them to your liking.

Please report any problems to us.

Download the package here.