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Below are some useful stuff for SELFE model
Pre-processing tools

  1. Pre- and post-processing tools with ACE
  2. netcdf files for atmospheric forcing
  3. FORTRAN template code (gen_atmos.f90) for generating netcdf inputs for atmospheric model.
  4. Web tides package from Dr. Mike Foreman for Pacific Northwest
  5. Tide package for US East Coast (c/o Dr. Ed Myers)
  6. ADCIRC tidal databases for US east and west coasts
  7. ADCIRC's script to calculate nodal factors and equilibrium arguments
  8. Perl script to convert *.2dm (SMS) files to *.gr3 format
  9. Perl script to convert *.gr3 files to *.2dm (SMS) files

Post-processing tools
  1. Pre- and post-processing tools with ACE
  2. 3D viz tool: g3
  3. Post-processing tool in matlab
  4. Pre- and post-processing tools
    • Combining_Scripts/: for combining binary outputs, hotstart outputs maxelev.gr3 and maxdahv.gr3, outputs from harmonic analysis (MPI version); can be used to automatically combine all binary output types for you before, during or after the run. It drives combine_output* (currently combine_output5.f90).
    • OneWayNestScripts/: for 1-way nesting (e.g., useful for generating velocity boudnary condition for a small-domain run);
    • Particle_Tracking/: particle tracking using outputs from SELFE (after being combined for MPI version);
    • Sflux_nc/: useful matlab scripts for generating/visualizing your own netcdf sflux/ files;
    • Post-Processing-Fortran/: some useful (and efficient) FORTRAN programs we use for extraction of time series etc. from outputs (after being combined for MPI version). It also has a Python wrapper in it. The directory More/ has scripts that more advanced users may find helpful.