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The default CORIE models are currently SELFE and ELCIRC. These models were developed in response to challenges posed to earlier models by the highly dynamic baroclinic regime at the Columbia River estuary entrance and near-field plume.

Several earlier circulation codes, identified below, have been used in CORIE, including:

  • POM
    Reference: Blumberg, A.F. and G.L. Mellor (1987). A description of a three-dimensional coastal ocean circulation model. Three-Dimensional Coastal Ocean Models. N.Heaps. Washington, D.C., AGU. 4: 1-16

    Luttich, R.A., J.J. Westerink, et al. (1991). ADCIRC: and advanced three-dimensional circulation model for shelves, coasts, and estuaries, Coast.Engrg.Res. Ct., U.S. Army Engs. Wtrways. Experiment Station, Vicksburg, Miss.

    Lync,D.R., J.T. C. Ip, et al. (1996). Comprehensive coastal circulation model with application to the Gulf of Maine. Continental Shelf Research 16(7): 875-906.

While developed at OHSU by the CORIE team, ELCIRC is inspired by the work of Vincenzo Casulli, at the University of Trento, Italy. Like Casulli's UNTRIM, ELCIRC is an Eulerian-Lagrangian finite volume model operating on unstructured grids. Both models solve for the 3D baroclinic form of the shallow water equations.